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Gioia De Cari in  Truth Values.  Photo by Silvana Ximena.

Gioia De Cari in Truth Values. Photo by Silvana Ximena.

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“Energetic, intimate, hilarious”

— Wired

“De Cari is an appealing performer ... a kind of wide-eyed Alice-in-Numberland.”

— The Boston Globe

★★★★ [FOUR STARS] “De Cari is animated onstage, and inhabits no fewer than 30 roles with gusto. She bounds from moments of depression to those of elation and triumph, each rendered on an empty stage that hints at the countless stories similar to hers but untold.”

— TimeOut New York

“If you see only one play this year about reflexive nonbinary relations, make it this one.”

— Los Angeles Times

“Her story is filled with moments of true hilarity, but crosses often and deftly into serious topics of gender inequality, gender bias, and expectations - society's and her own.”

“This one-woman tour de force blasts through our often unconscious misconceptions of gender and academia with honesty, wit, and energetic exploration of life’s variables … any thinking person will be enticed by its universal themes as well as by De Cari’s effortless impressions of … the 20 plus characters she takes on in the academic circus.”

— Blast Magazine

“[M.I.T. Biologist Nancy] Hopkins says she did not enjoy the tumult surrounding the Summers controversy, ‘but if it had the effect of bringing this issue forward and inspiring this young woman to write this fabulous play ... I’d say it was worth it, because this is an important play.’”

— The Boston Globe

“Hilarious one-woman show … De Cari … opts for the refreshing delights of humor, even compassion, and creates a rich and wry reductio ad absurdum.”

— EDGE Boston

“De Cari is an earnest performer and a snappy writer … sincere and entertaining … quick and passionate … she’s an ace at taking on the story’s 30-odd characters.”

— Boston Herald

“Funny and insightful one-woman show … replete with hilarious characters … The story is riveting … she can make a reading of her math thesis compelling! Kudos to Gioia, and go see this show!”

— Curtain Up

“Thank you for a wonderful performance — This is an extremely important work which deserves to be performed at every university in the land.”

— Lied Performing Arts Center, University of Kansas

“This wonderful show … intimate, challenging, and playful … is full of humor, sadness, anger, intellectual stultification, and intellectual ecstasy. She charmingly morphs from individual-to-individual and gender-to-gender with seamless grace and ease. She shocks with her big and beautiful voice when it’s least expected and crawls, capers, and strides about the stage with force and meaningful élan.”

— Open Media Boston

Truth Values was a wonderful way to raise awareness and elevate the dialogue around women in academia.”

—Chris Kaunas, Director, ADVANCE Center, Texas A & M University

“I left the theatre shaken, wondering how one woman — during one performance — could remind me of the legions of people I have known during my own mathematical romp. Gioia's performance was riveting, and by sharing her story she gave permission for many of us in the audience to share ours.”

— Sarah Bryant, Ph.D., Project Manager, STEM-UP PA

“A wonderful quality of Truth Values is that it conveys an incredibly powerful message in a way that is artistic, not dogmatic ... I would love to see many more people ... particularly young women students and young women new to the computing industry, as well as the men with whom they study and work, have the opportunity to see this remarkable play.”

—Valerie Barr, Professor of Computer Science, Mount Holyoke College

“I’ve never seen our auditorium so full or an audience so engaged ... Truth Values was riveting: touching and personal, yet universally relatable.” 

— Doug Ensley, Ph.D., Chair of Mathematics, Shippensburg University

“On an artistic level, I loved the show, but on a professional level, it's stuck with me, and since then, I have looked for ways that I can be an ally for women in STEM.”

Matthew Leingang, Clinical Professor of Mathematics, New York University" 

Truth Values is first and foremost a powerful performance, raising issues about how talented young people find their vocation, and the host of factors that play a role in that process – including joy in work. At the same time, it illustrates through one example what it is like to be ignored, dismissed, invisible, and devalued as a scholar while working these personal questions out. The example is about being a woman in a male dominated field, but the message extends much more widely. It provides a great opportunity for reflection – both by people who have experienced similar treatment at some time and those who haven’t – on the impact of ‘small’ experiences when people are at vulnerable moments in their development. The play is both funny and moving, and a terrific catalyst for discussion.”

— Abigail Stewart, Director of University of Michigan's NSF ADVANCE Program

 “I bought a ticket for one of the first performances … I just wanted to get it over with after so much talking about it in our department. I was expecting 90 minutes of complaints and instead I enjoyed a fantastic monologue with moments of pure humor, sadness, intelligence and struggle. Gioia has the brain of a mathematician and the heart of an artist and she combined them in a wonderful performance.”

— Gigliola Staffilani (M.I.T. Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dept. Chair)

“Bringing Truth Values to our campus was hands-down the most popular and well-attended event we've ever hosted! … We found Truth Values to be especially useful to those who teach and mentor women in STEM. It was an instant community-building event that gave our program high visibility.”

— Jennifer Sheridan, Executive Director, WISELI, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“The entire play is at heart a reflection on truth – especially truths which many people would rather ignore than recognize … The play addresses issues of diversity head on, as well as caring and respect for those who are different from ourselves.”

— K.C. Cole, Professor, University of Southern California Annenberg School of Journalism, and author of The Universe and the Teacup: The Mathematics of Truth and Beauty

“The show is fabulous: it's funny, it's engaging, it's filled with passion. I loved it. It brought me back to my days as a graduate student in a male-dominated department trying to find my way. As an advocate for women and minorities in the STEM fields, I also recognized that Truth Values was a one-hour showcase of the issues of retention – the challenging and sometimes absurd and unfair things that drive students out of the STEM fields … Truth Values is more than just a performance, it's a dialogue about some important issues.”

— Paula Olsiewski, Program Director, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation